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China International Home Textiles and accessories (Qiu Dong) Expo opened a new page for the trend


By the Frankfurt Exhibition (Hongkong) China international trade limited company, held jointly promote textile industry branch committee and Chinese Household Textile Association, leading Asia Home Furnishing life China international home textiles and accessories (Qiu Dong) Fair in August 24 to 27 at the National Convention Center (Shanghai) held, this exhibition by the international trend experts predict the international trend of establishment of Rodi Nelly Committee, brought together five experts from different fields, including international brand Home Furnishing, floral designer, brand image designers and architects, from all aspects of interpretation of today's consumer life style trend.

Undertake last August design and trends activities in the show positive response, China International Home Textiles and accessories (Qiu Dong) Expo will be held again this year, design sinks InterDesign. Set the trend forecast, concept design, product exhibition and seminar, plans to bring benefits to the whole household textiles and design industry. Not only can exhibitors and buyers get inspiration and market orientation, designers can also play a more important role in the home textile industry. Design sinks InterDesign consists of three parts, namely Intertextile international fashion home trend area, trend theme extension space device and forum activity area. The concept of trends in 2017 will be presented and discussed in the exhibition, so that participants more fully understand the future market development and business opportunities.

Continuation of last year's popular design and trends activities, InterDesign will further enrich the four day exhibition content, to bring the audience trend prediction, conceptual design, product display and seminars and other activities. This year's activities will be divided into three parts, namely, Intertextile international fashion home fashion trends, trends and trends Forum activities area, designed to show visitors the most avant-garde design and direction of development.

International fashion trends Home Furnishing area will be through a series of products showing four major trends in the theme, these topics are created by experts on international trend of world-renowned French NellyRodiTM Agency led the Committee to. In addition, 11 famous domestic designers will also use modern art interpretation of the "distant" beautiful realm; 6 well-known brand fabric business will also show their "distant" interpretation in the area. Equally exciting as well as the activities of the forum will be held in the area of a series of seminars, in addition to the trend of designers and experts will trend with exhibitors and audience share and discuss, the workshop also includes market information, testing and certification, digital printing and sustainable development research.

Among them, the 2017 keyword "distant Far Away", respectively by the following four themes to explain:

Sweet dream: yearning for outdoor life, feel, taste the secrets of nature and the true meaning and communication.


Realistic Utopia: return to its essence, to create a beautiful, precious and elegant atmosphere. People in luxury and simple, complex and simple way of life in the pursuit of excellence.


Declaration of happiness: bringing active and stimulating themes through the integration of folk customs, influence and knowledge. The combination of graphic and background culture presents a luxury wind.


The delicate Charm: the design pattern in the different age and cultural preference for graphic collage together. In the late nineteenth Century, in the Vitoria era, people used surrealism and dramatic themes to design family badges, since then fantasy design style will prevail.


The committee will select exhibitors submitted the latest products, and the best interpretation of the theme of the four major trends in product Intertextile international fashion trends Home Furnishing display area, for buyers presents trends 2017.